Wall Wraps and Wall Graphics

Wall wraps and wall graphics are an excellent way to add excitement to a room. At TechnoSigns, we can custom design just about any type of photograph or graphic to go on your wall.

Wall wraps

Custom wall wraps

How wall wraps are done.

We custom print our wall graphics on wide format printers on matte vinyl that is specially formulated to adhere to walls. The quality and adhesion of these vinyls have increased dramatically over the last few years. This ensures that your wall graphics will look great for years to come. Wall graphics need to be installed by experienced wall wrap installers like ours. There are many different techniques and considerations that a typical vehicle wrap installer may not take into consideration. Our specially trained installers have many years of experience. This ensures your wall wrap is done right the first time.

Wall wrap

Wall wrap graphic

What applications can wall wraps be used for?

There are many types of clients for wall wraps. Many are corporate, but some are for residential use. One of the most common applications is for corporate branding within the office. Company logos and photographs can be incorporated within a dynamic wall design that will really make a lasting impression. Real estate professionals and interior designers may find that the freedom to add color or an abstract design to a wall is an innovative way to generate excitement to a given space. Lastly, many homeowners find that adding a custom design to a room can add purpose. Nurseries and “man caves” are a great example of this.

Custom vinyl wall graphics

Custom vinyl wall graphics installed in Florida

Who can benefit from wall wraps?

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Retail stores and mall managers
  • Advertisers
  • Corporate managers
  • Small business owners
  • Sporting event and stadium managers
  • Short term event planners
  • Airports

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