Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted signs have a classic and upscale look to them that are perfect for Apartment communities and new residential developments. In the past, these signs have been manufactured from wood. With clients becoming more aware of sustainability concerns, other options became available that didn’t involve cutting down trees.

Today, we can incorporate High Density Urethane (HDU) to mimic the look of wood, without having the drawbacks of wood. Dimensional HDU signs aren’t vulnerable to water, rot, and termites, so they can last for over a decade with little to no maintenance. Since HDU has no natural wood grain, we add faux wood grain that looks very natural.

To see more sandblasted signs, please visit our sign portfolio. Call today for a free on site consultation about your sandblasted signs.

Custom sandblasted signs

Sandblasted signage made for apartment community in Orlando.

Sandblasted custom dimensional apartment sign with gold leaf sailboat logo

sandblasted signs

Custom HDU sign in Orlando made to look like a sandblasted wood sign

sandblasted signs

MDU sandblasted sign for Orlando apartment community

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