Lobby / Reception Area Wall Logos

Lobby entrance / reception area logos

Reception area logos, also called lobby entrance logo signs, are an excellent way to convey a professional image. When clients walk into your business, first impressions count. Having an impressive looking logo sign in your reception area creates an impression of credibility from the moment your prospective clients enter.

We can use several types of manufacturing techniques and materials to reproduce your corporate logo. These include brass, bronze, aluminum, PVC plastic, and acrylic. Many customers choose to mount their logo sign directly on their wall behind the front desk. Many business owners choose to mount their 3D logo sign directly on their wall. Your three dimensional logo can also be installed on a clear acrylic panel. This allows your logo sign to  be easily moved when relocating your office. The back panel can be made of clear acrylic, or an opaque material. Custom shaped back panels are always a great looking option. Back panels are typically mounted to the wall using aluminum hardware called “standoffs”. This creates a contemporary aesthetic.

More corporate dimensional logos can be seen in our portfolio. If you’d like a reception area logo sign expert to visit for a free consultation, just call us at 407-384-9300.

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