Full Color Graphics

Full color graphics

Full color graphics create maximum impact. In Orlando, we were one of the early pioneers of full color printing. This means that our years of experience can be used to your advantage.

The printers that we use are state of the art, but the technology is tried and true. Our wide format digital printers use fade resistant solvent inks for longevity. Since we have over a dozen years of completed projects out in the field, we know how they stand up to Florida weather. The good news is that we’ve seen little to no fading on some outdoor prints that we did over eight years ago. When we print the color red, it stays a vivid red, and doesn’t fade to pink. When we print the color black, it stays a dark black, and doesn’t turn gray.

The materials that we print full color graphics on include banners, magnetic material, vinyl, and paper. Rest assured that we only use the best materials available. We always opt for the American made option over less expensive lower quality materials when possible. Again, our years of experience have taught us that using only the best materials is the way to go.

If you have a need for full color printed graphics for vehicles, we’ve created a separate web site, named TechnoWraps.com,  for printed vehicle wraps.

When choosing a wide format graphics printer, make sure to evaluate the portfolios of the providers that you are considering. When evaluating what a graphics company can do for you in the future, the best way is to see what they have done for others in the past. Call today to speak with a full color wide format sign expert.

Full color graphics Vehicle wrap printing in Orlando

Full color wide format vehicle wrap printing

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