Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional lettering

Three dimensional lettering is an upscale way to direct or inform your target audience. Dimensional letters can also be used to identify a room or area. We incorporate many different techniques and materials to make the appropriate lettering for its purpose.

Common materials that we use for dimensional letters include aluminum, PVC, Acrylic, brass, and bronze. Finishes include satin, glossy, polished, and brushed. We incorporate water jet cutters, CNC routers, laser cutters, and injection molding techniques to make the right type of letter for you. We have thousands of typestyles that are available to ensure the appropriate look for your purpose. Letters can be anodized, painted, polished, or clear coated.

If your project could benefit from incorporating dimensional letters, please call us today. A helpful sign and lettering expert is available for a free on site sign and graphics consultation.

Dimensional lettering Orlando


3D metal lettering

Dimensional metal identification lettering with brushed aluminum face


Dimensional lettering

Polished stainless steel dimensional lettering


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